Post Cleanse

The idea is to break the BluePrintCleanse primarily with fruit (day one), then add salads and steamed veggies (day two), legumes (day three), from there you may begin incorporating what ever else it is that you normally eat leaving meat and dairy last to come on board.

Breaking the Cleanse Sample Menu:

Day 1 – A few pieces of fruit spread out through the day, or some fresh squeezed non-pasteurized juice (green/citrus/fruit). If you wish to drink some freshly squeezed juice, be sure to dilute it with some water.

Day 2 - Raw or lightly steamed vegetables, e.g. spinach, broccoli, try to avoid the more starchy veggies like carrots, beets, squash etc. You may also have a raw green leafy salad with some vegetables.

Day 3 – Green salads should be your staple at this point. If you’re craving some more sustenance, you may choose plain brown rice (a small portion), or a yam or sweet potato.

Day 4 – If you eat meat, you may incorporate some now - lightly steamed or poached fish, with veggies and a salad of course!

Day 5 – Other more “dense” foods are now able to gradually make a come back to your diet.

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