Cleanse Levels

The Renovation Cleanse

Which is best for you?

Think of our Renovation, Foundation, and Excavation as Beginner, Intermediate and Expert levels.

The main difference between the three levels corresponds to how many green juices vs. fruit juices per day. If you are new to juicing and aren’t used to as much green juice, start with Level One and gradually work your way up.

The levels may be used in many different ways for different reasons. For example, if you have a condition where you can’t handle as much sugar, you can choose Excavation, which has more green than fruit juice.

Renovation Cleanse user

Renovation Cleanse

I’m a Renovator.

Fruit? Easy, It’s the garnish on my cocktail.

I know what whole foods are, and I've seen people buying them. I would too, but I'm too busy to be choosy – my vegetable intake comes in the form of: Ketchup – "tomatoes" and French Fries – "potatoes." Salad is found in EVERY cheeseburger I eat; it's that green-ish color in the middle of the burger.

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Foundation Cleanse user

Foundation Cleanse

I’m a Founder.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Cleanse. Repeat.

I don't know what I am! I’m not a vegetarian because I eat fish (but not the kind with mercury). I'm definitely NOT, nor will I ever be, a vegan - (I love a good cheese plate...and sometimes a salumi plate.) I try to eat a big salad everyday and limit those "bad-starches."

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Excavation Cleanse user

Excavation Cleanse

I’m an Excavator.

Eating wisely is not 'missing out'.

I am extremely conscious of everything I put into my body. I exercise; I don’t make drinking a habit, and I eat organic. Am I vegan? A raw foodist? I’m not into labels so when people ask me that question, I simply reply, 'I eat what I want, when I want it.'

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