The most intense level of BPC, Excavation, is designed to flood your body with chlorophyll, restore your alkaline balance, and seriously rest your insides so they can finally unearth those crayons you ate when you were three.

Excavation takes you much deeper; it digs down to a cellular level, and leaves you feeling brand spanking new.

Whether you’ve worked your way up through previous levels, or were clean enough to start here, you now understand the amazing effects of vibrant health and want to keep going. Excavation provides the cleanest way of juicing, as it omits certain foods that would otherwise slow the detoxification process. For example, there is little fruit and aside from cayenne, no herbs/spices (i.e. garlic, onion) are used. Certain foods that are used in previous cleanses, such as carrot/apple/beet juice and other fruits with a higher glycemic index, such as pineapple, have been eliminated. Excavation focuses on juices that trigger detox and elimination, such as citrus (spicy lemonade), which act as “cleaners” and green vegetable tonics which act as “healers” and, ahem, “sweepers.”

(Again, this is not a diet, however we know what you’re going to ask next. So yes, this is the Cleanse level that contains the least amount of EVERYTHING. You get the picture.)

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