Q: Why don’t you deliver the juice everyday?

A: Well, due to our juice extraction method, we don’t have to, which means that it’s more convenient for you! What does this mean? The BPC technique is special in that we use a hydraulic press, which as opposed to centrifugal juicers, sets itself apart in a few different ways:

It has a greater yield of juice and therefore greater vitamin and mineral extraction/absorption.

This method is a two-part process, first the food goes through a grinding and cutting method, and then it's put in the press, which is a much more intensive method. Almost all of the pulp is pressed out which means less oxygen, which in turn gives longer-lasting, tastier, more nutritionally dense juice. Pulp contains air, and when that pulp is left in the juice it oxidizes very quickly.

It is estimated that this method extracts 3-5 times more vitamins and minerals than juice from other machines.

Q: Why can’t I pick up at 9AM on Sunday?

A: The juice just isn’t ready yet. We’re pressing it just for you.

Q: My BluePrintCleanse arrived and the ice packs are melted. Is that bad?

A: NO! That’s totally fine and so is your juice. It’s only meant to stay frozen during transit.