Q: Why is my Pineapple Apple Mint juice pink or brown? Has it gone bad?

A: Depending on the harvest and growing season, the Pineapple Apple juice may vary from gold to yellow-green to pink to brown. This natural color variation has no impact on product quality or safety of our juice beverage.

Q: Why is juice so expensive?

A: Not all juice is created equal. When you consider what you’re consuming everyday during a BluePrintCleanse, approximately 20 lbs. of freshly pressed fruits and vegetables, and the process involved, it's actually quite inexpensive! Don’t forget, that price also includes delivery. In order for you to get the freshest juice, we ship Priority Overnight.

Q: Why do we pick cashews? I’ve heard good things about almond milk so I was just wondering why you choose cashews.

A: Cashews are packed with Zinc, Copper and Magnesium, which are great for some very common concerns: building healthy bones, and strengthening hair, skin and nails.

Q: I love my BPC cooler tote bag, but I would so much more love to help BPC recycle them. How do I return it?

A: Now that we only give you one cooler bag per order it is yours to keep. Enjoy! If you are in NYC you can give them to your messenger the next time you receive a delivery.

Q: Where is your production facility?

A: We have production facilities in Long Island City, NY and Hawthorne, CA.

Q: Can you tell me the recipes for the different juices?

A: Unfortunately we don’t give out that information, but we can give you the ingredients. Check it out: Menu

Q: Where do you get your produce?

A: Most of our produce comes from CA.

Q: Who makes your cooler bags?

A: We don’t share our vendor information.

Q: Who designs your website? Can I have their contact information?

A: We cannot give out that information.

Q: What celebrities have done BPC?

A: It is our strict policy to protect the privacy of all Blueprinters, including our high profile clientele. At first it was tempting to satisfy requests from newspapers, magazines, and other media outlets that offered us placement in exchange for the names of celebrities who have done the Cleanse. But we quickly realized that our clients' confidentiality was much more important than this sort of PR opportunity. Our business has grown almost exclusively by word of mouth, and we want to thank all our customers for spreading the word by keeping the choice to endorse BPC entirely up to them. So intrepid reporters of all stripes, we are very happy to answer any and all questions about BPC and the people and ideas behind it by phone or in person. However, please understand, we have never and will never name names. But if you must know, trust us, the list is long.