During the Cleanse

Q: So, there will be instructions in it right?

A: Of course, we send a prep email to everyone prior to their cleanse. Want to have extra time to prepare?

Q: Can I have seltzer or sparkling water?

A: Seltzer will contribute gas to your system, so it’s not ideal – but if it’s going to save you from drinking “other” beverages – it’s not a bad option.

Q: Can I drink Diet Coke?

A: That’s a solid ‘No’. We don’t recommend it during a cleanse, and we actually don’t recommend it ever :-) Try to drink water with lemon or herbal or green tea instead.

Q: Can I bring my juice with me on an airplane?

A: Your juice can be checked with your baggage and MUST have two ice packs inside the cooler bag, but is not recommended if your juice will be out of the refrigerator for more than 8 hours.

Q: Can I sweeten my tea?

A: If you MUST just use a very small amount and ONLY use agave nectar, which is what we use in our cleanse – it’s all-natural and won’t spike your blood sugar like other sweeteners.

Q: Will I get light-headed if I’m not eating solid food?

A: On the contrary, one's mind becomes clearer and one's ability to solve problems enhances. This is because instead of large amounts of blood and nervous energies being sent to the digestive organs to break down a meal, that extra blood, oxygen, and energy is sent and utilized by the brain.

Q: How long can my juices last?

A: You should consume your juice within 6 days after you receive it. It's super fresh, completely raw and never heated. 

Q: I thought that cold pressed juice is only “good” for 3 to 5 days, what changed?

A: Advancements in science and technology have changed.  First, the best and freshest juice came from a juice bar, produced using a centrifugal juicer: pulpy, gritty, lasts only a few hours. Then came the hydraulic press juicer, which allowed juice to stay fresher, longer—3 to 5 days, and extracted more than double the vitamins and nutrients.  Now, we’ve discovered that the use of pressure, called High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) allows that nutrient-dense juice to live a little bit longer, while inhibiting microflora growth. Learn more about HPP here.

Q: What order am I supposed to drink my juices in? Do I drink all the number 1’s first, etc?

A: NO. But that would be kind of funny. You drink 6 bottles/day and those bottles are labeled 1 through 6. For example:
Day one: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
Day two: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
Day three: 1, 2, 3,4, 5, and 6

Q: Does it really matter what order I drink the juices?

A: It does! While we highly encourage playing with food, the order in which you consume your juices directly effects how you absorb, assimilate, and digest nutrients. For example, when your stomach is empty first thing in the morning, it’s able to assimilate whatever you put in it much more than if you consumed something prior. That is why we always have Green Juice first. Your body will absorb ALL of the vitamins and nutrients without interruption. That said, don't worry if you DO have to switch it up a bit and maybe have half of your Cashew Nut Milk first thing in the morning instead of last because you're used to a protein fix the second you open your eyes, and you'll absolutely lose it if you don't have it. This is when we can give ourselves permission to improvise.

Q: How should I store my juice?

A: In your fridge. Hint: You should take your juice out of the box before you put it in the fridge. If you have to leave it in the box, make sure you remove the top so that cold air can get in there. Remember to toss the ice packs in the freezer so they’re ready should you need to tote your juice around.

Q: My teeth need to gnaw on something... either gum or my colleague’s arm. Can I chew gum during the cleanse?

A: Chewing gum contributes to gas in your system, as well as, “confusing” the digestive process. What does this mean? Your stomach is getting ready for food that isn’t coming. That being said, try to avoid it, but if you’re tempted to chew off your colleague’s arm please chew the gum, and make it sugarless.

Q: Can I drink Kombucha Tea while on BPC?

A: Kombucha is an excellent beverage option because it’s loaded with probiotics, which are great for digestion. However, it also contains processed sugar and black tea, (caffeine) which is not ideal during your cleanse. It’s a great option while you’re preparing for and breaking your cleanse.

Q: I have a work meeting that I can’t be drinking a juice at, if I eat a light salad, will it totally mess it up?

A: This is not the end of the world, and you’ll be just fine. Try to stick to the foods listed on our Cheat Sheet before you go all out. Our best recommendation is to schedule your cleanse when your schedule is least complicated.

Q: I can’t get the Green Juice down; I’ve tried everything... is it okay if I just skip them? Is it enough calories?

A: Skip the Green Juice? No way, it’s delicious and the workhorse of the BluePrintCleanse. Power through it; it’s got all the good stuff. Good stuff means: vitamins, minerals, nutrients, anti-oxidants, flavanoids, enzymes and more. You could try adding some fresh squeezed lemon juice or having the juice over ice, that may help.

Q: We haven’t gone to the bathroom at all, and we’re on day two. Is that normal? Is this safe?

A: This and the opposite are completely normal side effects of the BluePrintCleanse and one of the reasons to schedule a colonic. Reduced input means reduced output.

Q: Is it OK to exercise while cleansing?

A: Absolutely!! Can we please finally put to rest the myth that if you don’t eat a lot, you’ll lack energy? Unless one is undergoing a water fast, which, should only be done with a coach, energy levels will skyrocket! You will be amazed to see that the more you allow your digestive tract to rest, the more your energy gets a boost. The energy that is usually spent on digestion is now yours for the taking, so grab it and go for a jog! Remember- you are feeding your cells, not stuffing your belly.

Q: What are detox symptoms? Will I get them?

A: During a cleanse, the body is essentially tearing down all of the "bad stuff" and rebuilding with new material. To make room for that new material, the "bad stuff" needs to leave; how it makes its exit is your potential crisis. For example: when the body eliminates coffee, symptoms usually include headaches, nervousness, and shakiness. When protein, meats, and fats are eliminated, you may experience skin eruptions, foul body odor, or a coated tongue.

Lucky for you, we keep Healing Crises to a minimum; BluePrintCleanse is specifically designed to your type allowing for gradual elimination.

Q: Will I get light-headed if I’m not eating solid food?

A: On the contrary, one's mind becomes clearer and one's ability to solve problems enhances. This is because instead of large amounts of blood and nervous energies being sent to the digestive organs to break down a meal, that extra blood, oxygen, and energy is sent and utilized by the brain.

Q: I can’t eat anything at all? Is it enough calories?

A: It should be perfect for the duration of your cleanse. Even though it’s a calorically restrictive regimen, you are eliminating the energy required for digestion. This is a real boost to energy for other metabolic processes.

Q: Can I do BPC and eat food too?

A: The benefits of a cleanse will be lost if you eat solid food in addition to the juices. The idea of a cleanse is to only consume the juice so that your digestive system has time to rest. However, if you want to supplement your current diet with cold pressed juice it’s great for digestion and packed with vitamins and minerals.

Q: What do I eat when I’m done with my cleanse?

A: There are two points here: The first one regards prep work. Before any cleanse, you should lighten up – gradually. If you eat everything, e.g. meat, cheese, candy, alcohol, etc, you should slowly eliminate those a few days before and incorporate lighter fare which might include: steamed veggies, wine or sake instead of hard liquor (although, for your education, you should eliminate all alcohol a few days before and focus on hydrating), fish instead of steak and baked instead of fried. You get the idea. The same general rule also applies to the post-cleanse menu. You need to stay away from dense, processed foods. This is where the “common sense” comes into play. See our “HOW” page for more specifics about pre and post cleansing foods.

Q: What if I have more questions or want to order again?

A: If you don't find your answer here, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We'll have an answer for you faster than you can say "What's a healing crisis?" You can also call us at 212.414.5741.