3 days of BPC Classic Cleanse + 3 Days of Classes at Exhale + 1 Healing Spa Therapy at Exhale
= BPC Mind Body Upgrade for $295
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3 Day Classic Cleanse

As a complement to your BPC experience, the combination of Exhale's core and yoga classes & spa therapy is strongly recommended DURING your cleanse for optimal results. We understand that sometimes that can't happen, so please bear in mind that the upgrades will expire 2 weeks after your cleanse starts.

3 Core & Yoga Classes

Choose from any of Exhale's transformational classes which include Core Fusion®, Core Fusion® Sport and Core Fusion® Yoga.

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1 Spa Treatment

As part of the Mind Body Upgrade, you can choose from the following therapies:

  • 60-min Fusion Massage
  • 60-min True Facial
  • 30-min Acu-Organ Detox

We encourage you to book your spa therapy as far in advance as possible as Exhale tends to book quickly!!!

Call to make a reservation now: 212.249.3000

For descriptions for exhale’s therapies and classes, please visit exhalespa.com