Groups of 3 or more receive 10% Off

Do it with your friends,
co-workers and your family!
It's cheaper and easier.

Buddy Cleanse

Do it with your friends!
Fact: cleansers lose three times more weight (not that you’re on a diet), with support from friends. Friends don’t let friends drink alone.

Corporate Cleanse

Recent studies show that employees who feel love from their employers work harder. So show some love, boss.

Or, simply gather a group of co-workers to cleanse together, and benefit from the collective support and motivation from your colleagues.

Happy side effects include increased energy, productivity, focus and clarity (which come in handy at the office).

Corporate Cleanse savings start at 10% depending on size of group and frequency. Contact our Corporate Accounts Manager at  to inquire.

Groups of 8 or more receive 15% off.

*Not valid for remote pick-up orders. Qualifying orders of 2 days or more, not valid on 1 day orders.
For shipping clients, discount applies to cost of juice only, not to shipping costs.