Very Important Note

Remember: better out than in - this is what you need to remind yourself as you cleanse.
You need to keep your digestive tract open and moving. Think of your body as your house. You've decided to renovate, buy new furniture, new carpeting, etc. You need to throw out the old stuff first! You cannot have Shabby Chic living with 1970s Brady Bunch polyester; they don't like one another and a fight will most definitely ensue. One cannot pile new furniture atop old; it's not a good look.

What's the most effective way to throw out the old undigested waste matter? Get a colonic, or if you're familiar self-administer an enema. A colonic is safe and gentle, and highly effective before, during, and post cleanse. It doesn't matter how nice and clean all the new furniture is, if the old items are not removed the renovation is useless. Colonics and enemas are perhaps the most effective method in assisting a BluePrintCleanse.

We recommend colonics as a first choice, before the use of herbal laxatives. Think it's unnatural? How natural are those Twinkies you ate as a kid? We've got a lot of work to do, and we're going to need some assistance. Try and schedule a colonic the first and last day of your cleanse. Your body releases a lot of toxins during a BluePrintCleanse – if those toxins cannot escape (via colonic) they are reabsorbed into your blood stream.

Hydrate & Eliminate

Drink at least 12 oz. of filtered water between every juice. This will help stimulate bowel movements. If you are not eliminating you may wish to take one of the recommended brands below. And remember the most effective method is a colonic. You can get one before, during and after your cleanse. Fun!

* Intestinal Formula #1

* Oxy Oxc

* Probiotics

* Swiss Kriss