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Halfway through a BluePrintCleanse and no longer feeling like I ate a Goodyear blimp and washed it down with cement. I recommend.

Olivia Wilde Actress

I first tried a BluePrintCleanse before starting Dexter, and I was surprised at how much energy it gave me. The effects of the cleanse go way beyond weight-loss. I found I had so much mental clarity during and afterwards. Now I do a cleanse any time I feel overloaded or need to give my system a break. I actually crave the Green Juices and the Cashew Milk!

Julia Stiles Actress

I love the BP Green Juice when I need my veggies on the go!

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Host of The View

After a few decades of treating my body like a trash can, BluePrintCleanse was just what I needed to kick start a sane, healthy, restorative year. BluePrintCleanse has become a trusted tool in my continued effort to reclaim my body and redefine my complicated relationship with food.

Edward Ugel Author of I'm With Fatty: Losing Fifty Pounds in Fifty Miserable Weeks

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I've never taken acid, but it's pretty much like what being on acid would feel like. At the beginning, you start kind of going backwards into this other world, and you're just like, what the hell is going on, and you start getting shaky, and then by that night, you're just so grateful that it's time to go to sleep. And you get this thing called cashew milk, it's like the bonus round of the juice. It's kind of creamy and it's made from cashews and that's kind of designer and cool and you're like, wow, cashew milk, I've never even heard of this. And they put cinnamon in it, so by the time you get to the end of the day, it's like you are having a bucket of the best rice pudding you've ever had in your life. You're already in such a state of mind-f--- deprivation, you're, like, this is so amazing.

Then you wake up, and then all of the sudden, something clicks, and you're like, I could do this again. And then you kind of go through it, and by that afternoon at 4 o'clock, you're kind of looking at everybody like they're just really weak and they're not part of the evolutionary process at all. Food is just totally prehistoric and it's all contaminated and why would anybody eat when you can live on juice. And then after the third day, you finish, you kind of feel like I just went through a lot, now what am I going to do. I'm going to have to eat, I guess... But I'm not like a dieter.

Kelly Cutrone Publicist, People's Revolution

Blueprint is a user-friendly, regimented, efficient, healthy way to get back on track,
 and improve the way you feel after you've done a little too much indulging. They
 couldn't make it easier for you!

Jim Gold President/CEO of Bergdorf Goodman

BPC is a manageable, enjoyable, yummy-tasting cleanse. It’s not torture like other fasts or
 cleanses; it gives me energy. And when I’m done, I don’t crave a cheeseburger or pizza—I
 honestly crave healthier foods!

Christine Taylor Actress

Before BPC, I was just drinking water, which isn't really healthy. Now, I'm eating healthy,
staying fit, and still skinny as s---!

Robert Verdi Celebrity Stylist and Television Personality

I'm not suggesting that the Green Juice must contain some otherworldly, spiritually healing ingredients; but more so proposing that the most basic ingredients and the most fundamental nutrients, not replicated in the form of a multivitamin, but found organically in fruits and in plants--naturally prescribed by the earth--are, themselves, healing and medicinal in their pureness.  To me, BPC has captured that concept and bottled it.  I am a true believer in this cleanse; I know that it does far more than it intends to do.


I'm stunned at the amount of energy I have, the clarity with which I'm able to think, and, mostly, the realization of how much garbage I was putting into my system. There are several people in my office who have commented that I actually look healthier. I truly feel like this is one of those moments in my life that I will never forget because of the impact it has and will continue to have on my health.


The cleanse really made me think about what I was putting in my body. Now I'm re-thinking how I eat; (I am) trying to stay away from sugar, wheat, yeast & cheese. In exchange, I've started to eat raw cashews & almonds, coconut meat, bananas & avocados, which I never ate before! I'm delighted that the cleanse has inspired a nutritional change and I hope to keep it up for the long-term!


The customer service was as excellent as it was last time. The juice was fresh as always and I am still craving it even after 2.5 days of solid food. What is most amazing to me, though, is the way that it kicks starts my willpower as nothing else can. Something about going 5 days without caffeine, alcohol, meat, dairy, and complex carbs, it just gives me the strength I need to say no to such things once the cleanse is over.


My first cleanse was terrific and I experienced everything that you indicated I would. I felt great, had such an increased energy level, lost 5 pounds and even my skin glowed. Today is the first day after the cleanse and I am at work eating my fresh fruit. Once again – I feel amazing. I feel as though I have taken a wonderful bath from the inside out if that makes sense. I had just made the decision to stop smoking – finally – and the cleanse seemed like a logical way to rid my body of the nicotine and allow myself a much better chance of success. The cleanse really did allow me to not crave cigarettes much at all. Now that I have 3 days under my belt and no withdrawal symptoms, I’m confident this time I will succeed. In addition to all of the other benefits of the cleanse, if there is anyone who wants to quit smoking – this is surely the way to begin. I also love the motivational e-mails that you send during the cleanse. They really do keep you inspired.


I have never written a testimonial before but feel compelled to because of how much I LOVE BCP and the BPC-Bridal experience.  Not only is the product of the highest quality but it makes me feel refreshed and rejuvenated during and after the cleanse.  The cleanse is so easy to follow and substantial enough to keep me from ever feeling deprived.  I truly look forward to the days I cleanse, as a way to simplify my life and heal my body.  As an added bonus the juices are actually delicious.  I am completely addicted to the cashew nut milk, savor it when I cleanse, and crave it when I'm not.  
Beyond my love for the actual product, and the real reason I feel compelled to write this, is the AMAZING customer service. I truly felt taken care of by a great friend - truly working to make me happy in anyway.  This service is extremely rare these days. You just don't find this level of professionalism, organization and client care anywhere anymore. Thank you to the whole BPC team, for making me feel like I was always your priority and your only client.  Thank you for making me look and feel amazing with your outstanding products!


I was a skeptic of the cleanse (and of my own will power), but I recently caved under the persuasion of some Blue Print veterans and signed up for the 4-day Rejuvenation Cleanse. Let me just tell you, ya'll ROCK.

I have suffered from chronic sinusitis and a deficient immune system for quite some time - no energy, a regular at the doctor's office, an all around slug. Additionally, before starting the cleanse, it took me a pot of coffee each morning to even open my eyelids wide enough to drive carpool. NO MORE!! I am happy to say that I lost enough weight to warrant throwing a Welcome Home party for my waistline, I now no longer need caffeine, I have the mental clarity of a Mensa member (well, almost!), and I'm rolling with the energy of a 16-yr-old! I feel like Superwoman, and I may just order myself a cape.

Not only did I lose weight, gain a healthier complexion, and ditch cravings for sugar and carbs, but I actually ENJOYED the juices! I was prepared to buckle up for some pretty nasty concoctions to arrive in my cooler - but no sirree! De-lish! I cannot wait to do it again. And again, and again.


I am on Day 3 of a 3-Day Foundation Cleanse, and I must say, I think it's fascinating and fantastic!! I was certainly not as hungry as I expected to be - a little - but I got through without cheating once - at all! That said, I am looking forward to food - not too much, but a little :-) My skin has been a little troubled of late - rather persistently so - and this has really helped. All in all, I really do feel cleansed — maybe lost a kilo or two as well.


So, at the exact midpoint of my renovation cleanse, the following things have happened:

  • I cleaned out my fridge, big time. There are lots of foods that will never return to my home.
  • I've eaten more veggies in the last 36 hours than I have in the last year.
  • I've seriously started thinking more about what I eat, in general.

The following things have not happened:

  • I have not daydreamed about cheeseburgers.
  • I have not freaked out and gorged myself on queso.
  • My skin has not broken out, nor have I had any GI episodes.
  • I have not had an epiphany and decided to become a vegan.


Not being the type that ever writes in testimonials, I felt that I had to express my satisfaction with the 3 day excavation cleanse. I am a very active person. I go out to dinners and parties almost every night, there is never enough time to get it all in. Having said that, I knew that there would be no perfect time to start a cleanse, and was a little worried about disrupting my lifestyle to do this. I decided to do it anyway, and I was thoroughly impressed. I was never hungry. I went to the gym, met up with friends, and even sat in an a couple lunches/dinners. I am a generally healthy person, but I definitely feel my skin looks great and I have now been off of coffee for 5 days (a huge accomplishment). I'm now thinking of doing a one day cleanse once a month.


Thank you so much. BluePrintCleanse ROCKS! Not only did it detox my body, but I lost weight and my energy level has increased. At the age of 42 years old, I needed a boost especially dealing with two growing boys and a baby on the way. I have followed your company's advise and slowly started to bring back solid foods back into my diet. It was not hard to follow your plan for three days and in the future I plan on doing it again, this time for 5 days. I have become such a believer in your product I recommended to my coworkers and I am proof that your product works.


One amazing thing… I wasn’t hungry at all. In fact, today I had a meeting at a French bakery, surrounded by all of these amazing sweets and pastries, and I had absolutely no craving for them at all. I spent nearly three hours there without the slightest desire to eat anything.


I just wanted to let you know how much I benefited from the cleanse. It was challenging but worth it. I lost 10.5 pounds. The cleanse has helped me better understand my body's hunger and respond with healthier choices. I will definitely be a repeat cleanser.


Thank you so much for the wonderful cleansing experience. It is definitely the BEST cleanse and I could not be happier with BPC. I've been telling all my friends and I will definitely be coming back for more.


My husband and I are feeling great after three days. One surprise was the consistent feeling of satiety. We had expected to feel hungry or deprived at least some of the time; we could hardly believe how, in a word, easy, it was.


The cleanse was great! I really enjoyed not worrying about what I could or couldn't eat or drink. I felt better than I do eating normal food. My body started to de-puff, my eyes got clearer and brighter, my skin looks better, and I have more energy. Someone asked me if I had just come back from vacation —I looked rested. It was a great experience.


I just wanted to tell you that this was such a great experience! I wasn't really hungry as much as I missed the act of eating itself. I am already planning my next cleanse, and my colleagues plan to do it as well!


Feeling great. I did (a colonic) session today, which was pretty cool; this was a great week for trying new things!! Thanks for all of your attention during the process.


This cleanse has been amazing. My energy was steady not manic like I have experienced with other cleanses. It truly could not have been easier or more delicious; after five days I feel like I could still do more.


Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the cleanse! I could have definitely done 5 days! I am now hooked on the cleanse! I want to make it a regular part of my routine, I just LOVE the way the Renovation cleanse didn't make me feel tired, starved, or generally lacking whatsoever! You have a great product there. Bravo :)


I just wanted to say thank you for the cleanse; I have tried other cleanses before and couldn't make it past the second day. It (is) so helpful that you prepare everything: the numbering system is so convenient. The juices were actually… good! Thank you for helping me feel a little better.


I've had a great experience with the cleanse and I'll definitely be doing it again. On the morning of Day Three I had lost six pounds of bloated water weight and I swear my skin has never looked better. It was actually easier than I might have guessed, since I'm a real food-lover and have never done any kind of fasting before. I have to admit that I'm excited to eat solid foods again, but this was a great way to fight off jet lag, holiday over indulgences, and those extra couple of pounds that crept on and made my pants feel too tight. I've already recommended it to friends.


I have had an amazing experience with the juices - I feel GREAT- and have had so much energy. It's amazing! I have tried the Master Cleanse in the past and it made me sleepy and lightheaded. This cleanse has kept me satisfied and staved off all hunger pains! I am also impressed with the attentive staff; I have been raving all week and will be sending many new clients your way! I look forward to enjoying another five days in the near future.