Zoe Sakoutis

The founder of BluePrint Cleanse, Zoe Sakoutis experienced the defining transformation of her life in 2000, when she went from full-scale carnivore to hardcore raw foodist overnight and first began her experiments with cleansing.

These experiments were partially motivated by her lifestyle at the time, a lifestyle very familiar to the average New Yorker. In short, you work hard, you play hard. A graduate of Marymount College with a B.A. in communications, Zoe was writing and developing pitches for television shows by day and working at Ian Schrager's Hudson Hotel at night, an observer and sometimes participant at the epicenter of NYC's never-ending party.

This experience, along with Zoe's later work at the Bowery Hotel empire, heavily influenced two central components of the Blueprint mission – 1. offering juice cleanses as a regular and healthy process for busy people to help counteract the effects of periodic overindulgence, and 2. removing the whole concept of cleansing from its prevalent holier-than-thou health-food attitude and instead imbuing it with the same kind of luxurious, super service-oriented aesthetic that Zoe learned from apprenticing under New York's hospitality giants.

In order to combine that aesthetic with the best cutting-edge knowledge of nutrition, Zoe studied at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico and in 2001 became a Certified Nutritional Consultant (A.A.N.C.). Since then, she has evolved through many phases of nutritional orthodoxy to where she is today, a raw foodist but also still a New Yorker at heart who enjoys restaurants and the night life and all of their dietary perils. In essence, Zoe created Blueprint for herself and for the many like-minded people she saw around her, people with a keen nutritional awareness who don't identify at all with "health-food" culture, people living at a demanding pace and searching for a practical, accessible system of cleansing to help them maintain their health and balance.

Work hard. Play hard. Cleanse. Repeat.